How an organization can create a data driven culture

A data-driven culture allows the organization to be agile and able to respond quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs. This is done with the confidence of knowing that decisions are being made using the accurate data available rather than gut feeling or old-fashioned guess work.  To create an effective data-driven culture, organizations should prioritize behaviors that foster an environment where data can be easily collected, analyzed, and applied – using data as the primary source of information.

Share of Search

Digital marketing 101: Share of Search vs Share of Voice

In the digital context, two key measures that invariably comes up during Analytics and Insights discussions are –
1. Share of Search (SOS)
2. Share of Voice (SOV)
They are used creatively as a proxy to estimate brand equity, understand competitor’s tactics and to finetune forecasting and predictive models linked to long-term business strategies.