Amazon Prime Day

How to Prepare for Amazon Fall Prime Day in 2023

As Amazon’s Fall Prime Day 2023 approaches, sellers and consumers alike are buzzing with anticipation. This two-day event, historically held in mid-October, promises exceptional deals, massive sales, and a bonanza of business opportunities. To help you gear up for this special event, we have compiled a comprehensive guide with useful tips for sellers.

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2023: Here’s How Brands Can Prepare and Succeed!

As Prime Day approaches, brands have the opportunity to boost sales and establish a strong presence on Amazon. This event serves as a litmus test, reflecting the success of year-long efforts to enhance brand visibility and drive sales.
As a Senior Digital Product Tech Functional Consultant based out of USA, I have seen firsthand the excitement and palpable tension that kicks in for Analysts, Sales & Media teams, Operations teams at 3AM on Prime Day. This event serves as a litmus test, reflecting the success of year-long efforts to enhance brand visibility and drive sales.

Human AI Symbiosis

Embracing Human-AI Symbiosis for Democratization of Intelligence

Do you still remember the 2007 sci-fi action film “Transformers” about the Autobots, Decepticons, and humans? Just as Autobots and humans strived to coexist in that world, there is an extraordinary opportunity to forge together an extraordinary partnership between humans and AI systems. In such a transformative alliance, human-AI SYMBIOSIS can unlock collaborative capabilities, reshaping … Read more

Generative AI for Brands

Revolutionizing CPG: How Generative AI and Advanced Analytics Drive Success in the Digital Era

Generative AI presents a remarkable opportunity for CPG brands to gain a distinct competitive advantage and spearhead their digital transformation efforts. Here are few key areas where I believe Generative AI and Advanced Analytics can play decisive roles for Brands-

In-App Nudges: The Superior User Engagement Strategy

Ever wondered why some apps just click with users while others end up getting deleted? Well, a big part of it comes down to how easy an app is to use, how quickly it adds value, and how seamless the overall experience is. And when it comes to engaging users, in-app nudges have proven to be a more effective strategy compared to in-app messaging. Let’s dig into the differences and see why nudges take the cake.

How an organization can create a data driven culture

A data-driven culture allows the organization to be agile and able to respond quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs. This is done with the confidence of knowing that decisions are being made using the accurate data available rather than gut feeling or old-fashioned guess work.  To create an effective data-driven culture, organizations should prioritize behaviors that foster an environment where data can be easily collected, analyzed, and applied – using data as the primary source of information.


What is Moonlighting: An ethical dilemma and a corporate conundrum

So, what is Moonlighting?
And why it is mired in controversy and a bone of contention between employers and enterprising employees.

What is Moonlighting?
Moonlighting is an innocuous sounding work that came in greater focus as the pandemic induced remote work culture shifted employees into the confines of their home. Moonlighting indicates a situation in which an employee works more than one job – typically one full time and one part time.

Pink Tax

The Pink Tax: Why Women Pay More Than Men For The Same Products

The Pink Tax is not an actual tax, but hundreds of products and services have been found to have a pink tax. The name is derived from the fact that many of the items are pink in color – as they are intended for women. Just like Subliminal marketing you will see instances of the Pink Tax being used to boost sales of products and services in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

14 Things You Should Know Before You Build a Website

You are here because you want to make a splash. Getting your company in front of as many people as possible is the only way to do this. You have heard about all the advantages of having your website, from SEO benefits to having a professional-looking web presence, and it is a no-brainer. But before you start designing or coding, there are a few things that you should know that will help guide you down the right path—and avoid any pitfalls along the way.

A+ Content

Amazon a+ Content Example | Enhanced Brand Content | Expert Tips

Amazon has been a game-changer in the world of ecommerce. They have disrupted the traditional retail model and have become a juggernaut in the online shopping space. Amazon’s success can be attributed to their extreme customer centricity. “Convenience is key”- and the entire business model and mindset is built around this principle. So, any Brand seeking to build and grow their ecommerce channel on Amazon would have to start by taking a page out of Amazon’s book and understand their customers’ needs and wants. Customer personas, journeys and product preferences should be at the forefront of every company’s mind if they want to succeed in today’s ecommerce-driven world.

Empathy Mapping

Empathy Mapping: How to “get inside the mind” of users

Empathy Mapping can be extremely helpful in this situation. In design, it is used primarily to bridge the understanding gap between the end user and the designer. Collaboration maps help us understand a particular type of user through collaborative visualizations. This results in a shared understanding of user needs, allowing for more effective decisions. A empathy map is intended to not only understand user behavior, but to also convey that understanding visually to colleagues. This will enable them to see user behavior from a similar perspective.

Private Labels

What are Private Labels – Explained with examples, Pros and Cons

The term private label or store label refers to products that are sold under a retailer’s brand name but produced by a third party. In most cases, the retailer controls every aspect of the product, including its branding, Pricing, specifications, design, and packaging. Remember that Private brands are made exclusively for a specific retailer and sold in their stores only.


The Internet of Behaviors and Its Impact on the Business World

In a world replete with jargons and trending buzzwords one term that has really got traction in the recent years is “internet of behaviors or IoB”. In fact, Gartner has ranked IoB as one of the Top Strategic Technology Trends to watch out for in the coming years. The Internet of Behaviors is a new … Read more

No.1 Real Free PDF Editor on Mac and Windows – Best Free Adobe Acrobat Alternative

In the current age, a lot of us are dependent upon feature-rich PDFs for our office productivity in the professional world. Hence, basic, and low-quality PDF editing software would not serve the needs of the users. When it comes to editing a PDF file, upgrading to a premium PDF editor is typically necessary in a business setting. It opens up the possibility of easily editing texts, images and graphics, filling forms, and converting from PDF to other formats and vice-versa.

Data Literacy.

Data Literacy – How to build a data literacy culture in your company

Data literacy is the ability to read, understand, and work with data and gain insights from it. Our data-driven world is making this skill increasingly valuable. And yet, it’s a skill that many people lack. So, whether you are looking to spruce up your resume or want to be able to make sense of all those charts and graphs, this post is for you!

Roas explained

RoAS – Return on Ad Spend Explained – With Examples

ROAS- Return on Ad Spend is an important metric that allows sellers to calculate the amount of income (or loss) from each invested dollar and evaluate how productive an ad campaign was. Considering only metrics such as clicks, impressions, and conversions can’t adequately tell us what it really takes to be successful with marketing, especially in a competitive marketplace like Amazon. If you analyze an ad campaign, ROAS is a great way to evaluate how well your ads are working, and it can help with any changes you might want to make in future campaigns!

Headless Commerce benefits

HEADLESS COMMERCE BENEFITS : The Future of Modern Retail

Headless Commerce, however, is not only a paradigm shift; it is a revolution. By using it, merchants can develop online stores without building their storefronts. Developers can build coordinated, brand-consistent experiences across channels using e-commerce platforms with speed, scale, tool usability, APIs, and integrations with third-party tools. Design and UX teams can prioritize enhancing the customer experience and interface to increase conversions, while technical teams optimize the user experience and interface.

walmart inhome delivery

Walmart InHome Delivery – Grocery is coming to a fridge near you!

Adding to the three most popular retail delivery models already available- doorstep, drop-off, and curbside we now have a newer entrant to the list – “Direct-to-Fridge”!
Going with the theme of massive innovation on the retail front, Walmart is expanding its direct-to fridge InHome delivery service. This ‘direct-to fridge’ is a clever spin on ‘home delivery’ where a Walmart associate brings groceries directly to a customer’s refrigerator.

Customer Experience Optimization

Why SaaS companies should prioritize customer experience optimization

Customer experience optimization plays a significant role today in helping SaaS companies to grow their brand, increase customer retention, reduce churn, and increase sales in the end. In the current competitive online market, customer experience (CX) is an important factor business should consider if they want to stay ahead of the competition.  

ecommerce marketing agency in the UK

5 Best Ecommerce Marketing Agency in the UK

Are you looking for an eCommerce marketing agency that will help your business grow? If so, we have compiled a list of the best UK based companies.
The process can be challenging because there are hundreds of agencies in this industry with different skill sets and preferences available to suit most needs!
eCommerce companies can help you in many ways like designing, development and marketing. However it is difficult to select a perfect agency that meet unique needs unless we know about their experience of working with different clients across the globe from countries such as UK or US . That’s why we have put together this list containing leading agencies who offer top notch services at competitive prices without compromising on quality.

Above The Fold- Amazon

Amazon Advertising 101: Above The Fold (ATF) Sponsored Ads

Above The Fold (ATF) refers to the prominent space on the top of a webpage when it first loads. This is the prime real-estate as visitors are bound to notice the content (text, image, video, multimedia) appearing above the fold in a far more significant way.
According to a Google’s analysis of display advertising study-
• Ads appearing above the fold have a 73% visibility
• Ads appearing below the fold have just 44% visibility.

Website Hosting

Guide to Webhosting: Best Website Hosting Plans for Your Site

What is Web Hosting?
In order to buy a hosting plan, you should know specifically what you’re getting and what your needs are. All of the essential files and data for your website are stored by your web host. Additionally, it delivers data to the browsers of visitors. The images, videos, and HTML files stored in your site can be used to display your theme.

Website hosting is primarily responsible for making your Website accessible to the world wide web. Website hosting is a service provided by a web host, a company that hosts other people’s and businesses’ websites. Web Hosting fees vary depending on your needs and goals. An effective web hosting service is not only crucial to launching your website, it also plays a significant role in your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You need to choose a web host carefully because your site’s speed, security, and more are affected by them.

Q Commerce

The Complete Guide to Quick Commerce or Q-Commerce

Q-Commerce stands for ‘Quick Commerce’ – is a convenient yet apt term to refer to a growing channel known as on-demand or rapid delivery. It refers to companies that deliver goods (typically groceries) in under an hour or as quickly as 10-15 minutes. The term is sometimes used interchangeably with “on-demand delivery” and “e-grocery.”

Share of Search

Digital marketing 101: Share of Search vs Share of Voice

In the digital context, two key measures that invariably comes up during Analytics and Insights discussions are –
1. Share of Search (SOS)
2. Share of Voice (SOV)
They are used creatively as a proxy to estimate brand equity, understand competitor’s tactics and to finetune forecasting and predictive models linked to long-term business strategies.

Business Transformation Ideas

Brand Strategy in 2023: Key Business Transformation Ideas

A big bet approach can boost growth and reposition the core of the company. A move like this propels firms and brands toward a new objective in pursuit of revenue, profit growth, and competitive advantage. Major decisions like these shape the future course of an organization. There are so many disruptions happening today that companies need to evaluate and plan for the long term in order to protect their turf and future-proof their businesses.

Amazon Crap acronym

Amazon CRaP: What brands need to know

The acronym ‘CRaP’ was created by Amazon internal teams to identify products that would be unprofitable for the company to sell on its eCommerce marketplace. In recent years, the CRaP list has become an arena for the competitive battle between Amazon and the CPG brands it has been courting for long.

How to mine Dogecoin

Dogecoin news how to mine Dogecoin at your home: A Beginner’s guide

Quick Guide to Mine Dogecoin! Yay! I now have an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) mining rig to dabble on my crypto obsession. There is a California Gold Rush kind of enthusiasm as I set up my rig to help solve these incredibly intricate computational math problems and hopefully break even one day with ample crypto … Read more

Wordpress localhost


Here is a curated and vetted list of the top software/s that best fits the needs when quality, performance, and reliability are of utmost importance. Sharing this list courtesy of a brilliant website ‘AThemeArt’ – which specializes in WordPress and create stunning themes and plugins using advanced technology while adhering to WordPress standards

person using black and white smartphone and holding blue card

Amazon Prime Day 2021 – HISTORY, FACTS, TRENDS & STATS

Amazon Prime Day, 2021 is fully underway with tons of exclusive deals and offers. As you know, Prime Day is an annual shopping mega-event aimed exclusively at its paid subscription program’s ‘Prime’ members, delivering two days of deals on products and services from Amazon brands, SMBs, and leading brands. Prime Day started on June 21 … Read more

Protection against Spear Phishing attacks using simulation

PhishManager is at the forefront of crowdsourcing cybersecurity for enterprises by training employees to be cybersecurity aware and look for suspicious emails and links that can lead to hacking or phishing. In addition, they have trained staff and employees to recognize and report suspicious emails at an affordable price through simulated phishing attacks and On-DEMAND training.



In the American retail landscape, Dollar stores are ubiquitous and are growing into greater prominence for both shoppers and brands. Dollar Stores are typically those retail chains that sells a wide range of goods at meager prices, typically employing a Single Price Point strategy where each item costs a dollar or less. Dollar stores are poised to generate 94.2 Billion Dollars in the United States alone – with Dollar Tree and Dollar General being the predominant players. In the past, there were image issues where only a specific section of low-income families would frequent these dollar stores for their shopping needs. However, a shifting focus on service, value, and a unique assortment of products that meets the needs of a growing spectrum of shoppers had added to the tremendous growth potential.

Know more about ‘FBA’ – Fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA, is Amazon’s fulfillment service for sellers. FBA has been instrumental in aiding the tremendous growth of the marketplace as it has taken over a lot of seller-related fulfillment activities like storing, packaging, and Shipping in a single service umbrella. As a result, Seller’s bandwidth is freed, and Amazon takes up many complexities of the online fulfillment model. FBA asks Sellers to ship their products to a fulfillment center, where they are stored, prepared, picked, packaged, and sent when a buyer makes a purchase.

Amazon advanced PO

Amazon FLOW- Forward-Looking Order Workflow – Explained |

In mid-2020, Amazon did a beta launch of their Forward-Looking Order Workflow (FLOW) to help brands better manage Amazon Order Forecast and recover Lost Sales due to Out of Stock (OOS). As per test reports, FLOW based Advanced commitment from Amazon has helped to drive incremental Sales, which is otherwise lost due to Out of Stock. This is a continuous improvement and tweaking of the Amazon model to reward the partner’s most popular and money making brands and ASINs.

Sell-In, Sell-Out, Sell-Through

Retail 101: Sell In, Sell Out, Sell Through Explained with infographics

Sell In: number of Units of a product that a manufacturer is selling into the Distributor   (Refer the Infographic below)
Sell Through: Sell-through is sales from the Manufacturer/Distributors to the Retailer
Sell Out: number of units of a product the Retailer ends up selling to the end customer

data visualization

The Art and the Science of Data Visualization

I remember one of my earlier reference book on Data Visualization was by Stephen Few who authored Show Me the Numbers: Designing Tables and Graphs to Enlighten. It addressed topics such as – why some dashboards are poorly designed, how to create proper tables and graphs for effective and efficient communication. I would still recommend this book for anyone keen to start with the basics of Data Viz.

NFT Logo

NFT Facts, Myths and Trends in a Digital World (2021)

The jury is still out on whether NFTs will turn out to be a winning trend or just a fad- as we are talking about ‘owning’ digital assets that anyone else can view for free! Nevertheless, the uses of NFTs are diverse – they can represent digital files such as music, video, creative art, digital assets, and so much more. While the digital files themselves are infinitely reproducible, the NFTs representing them are tracked on their underlying blockchains and provide buyers with proof of ownership.
There is definitely a paradigm shift happening as we deal with alternate, augmented reality, replete with digital assets, blockchain, cryptocurrency and a group of savvy buyers in the marketplace.

Tesla car

A Short History of Tesla electric cars

Elon Musk and Tesla have together created the world’s best-selling electric passenger cars, with legion of followers of it’s EV cars and soaring stock prices.
Here is a short, curated timeline of events that has helped shape this iconic company, and in doing so, has managed to throw the traditional automobile industry rule book out of the window!

Cool data quotes

Understanding The Various Types Of Analytics

There is a lot actually- data analytics, market analytics, demand-side analytics, creative analytics, digital analytics, time-based analytics… We are just getting started and it gets a little confusing trying to understand all of the types. I will touch briefly on the common definitions of these various types of analytics and what they can do for your business, and then dive in to the focus of this post, business intelligence and web analytics.




The value of returned products is around $50 billion, which is 25%-30% of total e-commerce sales in 2020.
The top categories for returns were parts, apparel, home improvement, and housewares.
At least 30% of all products ordered online are returned compared to 8.89% in brick-and-mortar stores.
Based on several different eCommerce studies, the average shopping cart abandonment rate is 68.81%…..

Effective strategies to better manage Inventory on Amazon

In a perfect world with Zen-like harmony, there will be Supply Demand equilibrium. Forever!
However, in the eCommerce world’s cutthroat pace where the online store is always open, running out of inventory is a business reality. The paradox of it all is that Sell-Through is good but too much of it and the brands risk getting Sold-Out!

black michael kors leather handbag

Digital Transformation meets Haute Couture: Chanel USA

SoHo in New York provides the perfect backdrop for Atelier Beauté Chanel. The cobblestoned roads, high-end galleries, luxury boutiques, and independent-designer shops offer the ideal setting for the “atelier de beauté” or beauty workshop.

Top Data Quotes for 2021

The following list of curated data quotes from visionaries in the data, analytics, business world —will motivate and inspire you!!

In God we trust. All others must bring data. – W. Edwards Deming

Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves. – Tim Berners-Lee

Anything that is measured and watched improves. – Bob Parsons

Big data is at the foundation of all of the megatrends that are happening today, from social to mobile to the cloud to gaming. – Chris Lynch

Amazon A9 Search Algorithm: Winning in the Digital Shelf

A single-minded focus on Customer Centricity is needed where Sellers put on their Customers’ shoes and empathize about their needs, what they are looking for, and then connecting them to the brand story and compelling them to buy the product. It always helps to connect with customers beyond the boundaries of a transactional Buy and Sell relationship, and Amazon’s A9/A10 algorithm seems to agree with me!

Happy New Year 2021

Wishing each one of you a very Happy and Safe New Year!! Wishing for a new year full of hope, learning, and brilliant insights. Data is Sacred Generate a strong password online

Walmart Plus: Winning the last mile?

As I was skimming through the mailbox content, I was greeted by Walmart’s flyer on 15 days free trial of its new subscription model. Walmart is definitely taking the war right into Amazon’s courtyard! Walmart Plus launched during Sep 2020 just in time for the busy Holiday season in the USA with promises of free … Read more

Amazon KPI 50+ Amazon Acronyms and Key Definitions

In this blog post, I will be sharing amazon KPI a curated list of 50 Amazon terminology, glossary, and eCommerce KPI in general, to help you get up to speed. Seattle-based is one of the Big Five companies in the U.S. information technology industry and usual suspects like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook. It … Read more

Phantom Inventory

Phantom Inventory Explained: Now You See it, Now You Don’t!

AI helps to identify and prevent phantom inventory: 
Stores are increasingly leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) based System for tracking shoppers’ path within the store and shelf products. For example, Amazon Go relies on hundreds of cameras and sensor fusion in each store to identify products that are taken off the shelves by shoppers.  A mesh of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep learning leveraging image recognition technology, laser sensing, etc., can accurately identify the item on the shelf and, when taken off, returned, or bought.  This will, most likely,  lead to a fundamental shift in how retail sales and inventory management will take place in the future.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Win in a socially distant world

Black Friday- the day after Thanksgiving, which acts as the precursor to the holiday season, has traditionally been the USA’s busiest shopping day. In addition, we have Cyber Monday, which brings in a tremendous amount of Sales and hysteria focused on digital shoppers.

How to use Index Numbers in your Time Series analysis?

Time Series Analysis is a vast field in itself, where we analyze data points in an equally spaced sequence of discrete-time data.For example, by closely looking at weekly Sales patterns for a Brand at a Store, to Inventory positions in a time series can reveal insights where we can analyze seasonality, trends, cyclical and even … Read more


SENTIMENT ANALYSIS: How brand wins Online Reviews and Ratings!

Follow my blog with BloglovinDuring the pre-e-commerce days, we used to depend on word of mouth and the expert opinion of a friend or a geeky face in the neighborhood store to get a good feel of the product.We all need a ‘human’ connection irrespective of how hyper-connected and digitally wired we turn into.In that … Read more

creative internet computer display

Data curious yet pandemic fatigued!

fatigue”. I am not only talking about following pandemic measures and masks and continued social distancing. I am also fatigued by everything else that steers the conversation towards the pandemic. Including Data! Because I’m a data curious guy.
Oh well, c’est la vie.

What the heck is Phygital?

Phygital (pronounced Fidge-it-al) is the answer. ‘Answer to what?’- You might ask.(Link to audio: How to pronounce the word phygital) Well, let’s take a few steps back, and then we will get into it! Retailing, as we would have imagined in the past, is dead! Est prorsus mortuum! The tipping point was reached well before … Read more

PMI-PBA Business Analysis Certification: How I cracked it in one go?

Impressions, Tips, and Tricks   | Estimated reading time: 3 minutes Today, I am going to share my know-how, tips, and tricks, and advice related to the coveted Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)® Certification from PMI institute. It has been close to 5000 days (i.e. 13 years!) since I was recruited as a campus hire after my … Read more

Amazon Prime Day 2020: Yes! It is a BIG ‘deal’ for brands!

Estimated reading time: 10 minutes. Folks! Mark your calendar for Amazon Prime Day Oct 13 – Oct 14. After much anticipation and conjecturing due to Covid-19 related uncertainties, Amazon shifted the event from July to an October setting with events lined up in at least 19 countries, including the USA. Oh, boy! The shoppers and marketers are … Read more