Empathy Mapping

Empathy Mapping: How to “get inside the mind” of users

Empathy Mapping can be extremely helpful in this situation. In design, it is used primarily to bridge the understanding gap between the end user and the designer. Collaboration maps help us understand a particular type of user through collaborative visualizations. This results in a shared understanding of user needs, allowing for more effective decisions. A empathy map is intended to not only understand user behavior, but to also convey that understanding visually to colleagues. This will enable them to see user behavior from a similar perspective.

Data Literacy.

Data Literacy – How to build a data literacy culture in your company

Data literacy is the ability to read, understand, and work with data and gain insights from it. Our data-driven world is making this skill increasingly valuable. And yet, it’s a skill that many people lack. So, whether you are looking to spruce up your resume or want to be able to make sense of all those charts and graphs, this post is for you!

Headless Commerce benefits

HEADLESS COMMERCE BENEFITS : The Future of Modern Retail

Headless Commerce, however, is not only a paradigm shift; it is a revolution. By using it, merchants can develop online stores without building their storefronts. Developers can build coordinated, brand-consistent experiences across channels using e-commerce platforms with speed, scale, tool usability, APIs, and integrations with third-party tools. Design and UX teams can prioritize enhancing the customer experience and interface to increase conversions, while technical teams optimize the user experience and interface.

Share of Search

Digital marketing 101: Share of Search vs Share of Voice

In the digital context, two key measures that invariably comes up during Analytics and Insights discussions are –
1. Share of Search (SOS)
2. Share of Voice (SOV)
They are used creatively as a proxy to estimate brand equity, understand competitor’s tactics and to finetune forecasting and predictive models linked to long-term business strategies.

Business Transformation Ideas

Brand Strategy in 2022: Key Business Transformation Ideas

A big bet approach can boost growth and reposition the core of the company. A move like this propels firms and brands toward a new objective in pursuit of revenue, profit growth, and competitive advantage. Major decisions like these shape the future course of an organization. There are so many disruptions happening today that companies need to evaluate and plan for the long term in order to protect their turf and future-proof their businesses.

Sell-In, Sell-Out, Sell-Through

Retail 101: Sell In, Sell Out, Sell Through Explained with infographics

Sell In: number of Units of a product that a manufacturer is selling into the Distributor   (Refer the Infographic below)
Sell Through: Sell-through is sales from the Manufacturer/Distributors to the Retailer
Sell Out: number of units of a product the Retailer ends up selling to the end customer